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Healthy Eating For Weight Loss - healthy food for good health

Health Benefits of Organic Food, Dangers of Non-Organic Food

The health benefits of organic food is slowly, but surely, making headway in the consciousness of those wanting to have and keep good health naturally. It must be certified organic food, issued by a reliable and reputable body, otherwise it could be anything.

benefits of organic foods

Just as the word ‘natural’ appears on countless packets of highly unnatural food purely as a marketing exercise, so too, is the word ‘organic’ following the same trend. It is an unfortunate choice of word, because every plant and every animal is organic, whether or not it is grown with or has eaten chemicals. So certified organic is a must, if you want truly natural, beneficial food. Always check for the certification logo and the ethics of this body.

Percy Weston was an ordinary (non-organic) Australian farmer, who farmed sheep and tobacco. He was an observant man, able to logically connect cause and effect. He noticed that his sheep always had health problems after he put them on pasture he had recently sprayed with superphosphate, or NPK. These are synthetic fertilisers which are out of natural balance.

In reality, they aren’t fertilsers as such as real fertilisers nourish the soil. Instead, synthetic fertilisers are plant stimulants. They force the plant to take up this unbalanced concoction, with the result that the plant looks great, but has very little nutrition. Any animals grazing on these plants will not get the required nutrients to maintain good health, even in the short term.

Which is why Percy’s sheep kept falling sick.

When he stopped using synthetic fertilisers, instead nourishing the soil with naturally occurring balanced fertilisers, the health of his pastures improved and so did the health of his sheep.

The constant use of synthetic fertilisers is causing a global deterioration of healthy soil. Without a healthy soil, plants can never provide the end consumer with the balanced nutrients we need for good health. The health of the farm animals grazing on this unbalanced pasture is always poor compared with an animal grazing on natural, organic grass.

And this is without considering the now common, and highly unnatural, habit of factory farming and growing and feeding animals with GM ‘food’.

In organic farming, the crops are not stimulated. The soil is nourished. It is respected for its vital capacity to produce healthy plants and healthy animals, full of all the necessary nutrients for the end consumers to flourish. This means that the health benefits of organic foods is complete in providing you with all the nutrients you need.

I remember reading about a journalist going to inspect one of the first bio-dynamic (a special form of organic) farms in Australia. The farmer took him to the boundary of his farm to show him the difference between his soil and that of his neighbour. He plunged his spade into his soil with ease, to expose a rich, moist, black soil teeming with worms and other beneficial life forms.

He then crossed over to his neighbour’s farm. He could not even dig the spade into the soil because it was so hard. The soil itself looked lifeless. This was mere metres (yards) away. Which do you think would produce the healthiest crops?

In another study I read, a variety of nutrients, in this case minerals, was measured between four common supermarket vegetables and their organic counterparts. In every case the levels of the minerals were between 10 to over 100 times higher in the organic produce.

Not long ago, I heard of a distressed horse breeder whose pregnant mares were aborting. It turned out that in every case, she has sprayed the pastures with superphosphate, waited the recommended period, then turned her mares out.

Motto – never believe chemical manufacturers recommendations. Glyphosate, an ingredient in most pesticides, was released decades ago, with the assurance it was completely safe. Now the World Health Organisation has finally admitted what independently thinking people have always been able to see – that ill health, including cancer, probably occurs in those exposed to it. Probably?

Getting back to Percy and his farm and conclusions, this time about tobacco. He discovered that the early smokers, even heavy smokers, didn’t get lung cancer. It was only after the tobacco was fertilised with superphosphate that lung cancer started to appear in smokers.

Organic food benefits include providing the end consumer with all the necessary nutrients for good health. Yes, organic food may be a little more expensive than non-organic food, but can you put a price on health? Without good health, you become a mere shadow of what you can become. You can’t do as much, you can’t earn as much, you can’t be as much.

Have you priced the cost of medical ‘health’ care recently, in particular the cost of medical cancer treatment? Does this put the increased price of organic food into perspective for you? When you purchase, or better still grow yourself, organic food, you are not only improving your own health, you are supporting the restoration of balance to the soil, you are helping improve the health of farmers, you are helping to keep healthy farm animals. Everyone benefits. This is how life should be.

The health benefits of organic foods go way beyond improving your own health. Everyone wins. There are no losers (except the profits of the chemical companies).

Here you can find more information on the best food for health including an optimum weight.

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