Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

healthy food for good health

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss - healthy food for good health

High Fibre Diets Offer The Healthiest Way To Lose Weight

I am no great fan of common weight loss diets, but your diet is key to your health. High fibre diets undoubtedly offer you the easiest way to lose weight AND to remain healthy. Most weight loss diets may help you to lose weight in the short term, but can be unhealthy and difficult to maintain.

high fibre diets

Instead, the best way to remain healthy and to maintain a slim body shape is to change your diet – permanently. The common western diet is incredibly unhealthy. Those countries who are beginning to embrace it, such as China, are ‘enjoying’ an increase in chronic disease. Yet, their traditional diet was much healthier.

Just exactly what is a high fibre diet? Before we get to that, let me just explain that diet is crucial to the health of your gut. A healthy gut is key to a healthy body. So you need to have a healthy gut before you can think of a healthy or slim body.

Fibre is that key to a healthy gut. Without fibre, your gut cannot perform properly. You will develop one of the many problems to a varying degree, such as constipation, leaky gut, bloating, stomach cramps, etc. And that means more health problems as absorption of nutrition will be impaired. You can’t be healthy if you are not getting (or absorbing) the right nutrients.

Fibre is only contained in produce – fruit and veggies. There is no fibre in animal protein. There is no fibre in processed food, because it is the fibre that is removed to make the sugar white, the flour white, the rice white. Think of white food as poisonous food. It certainly has that effect.

Milk is also unhealthy for you, for different reasons. Another bad white food.

So fibre is only present in whole, natural produce. It is present in dried and frozen fruit and veggies, but fresh produce provides the best value, the healthiest option.

When you consume a high fibre diet, you eat an abundance of fruit and vegetables. They are your staple foods. You can eat them fresh, in smoothies, dried, thawed or cooked. You can graze on them during the day, with no deleterious effect on your health or your weight. Quite the opposite.

Much fruit is the original in fast food and comes prepackaged, with biodegradable packaging.

What about protein, you may counter? Humans need around 10% protein. As long as you eat a variety of fruit and veggies, you will get that. Nuts and seeds are high in protein and are part of a high fibre diet. Legumes and green leafy vegetables are high in protein.

What about calcium, you ask? Green leafy vegetables contain all the calcium, as well as other macro minerals (and trace elements) you need. Not only that, but it is a form that is quickly and easily absorbed.

A high fibre diet will create more bowel movements than a low fibre diet. Two or three motions a day, possibly more if you are eating a lot, is normal and healthy, all things considered.

High fibre diets also have an abundance of omega 3, the one amino acid that you need and is essential for a healthy body. It is present in many seeds and nuts as well as green leafy vegetables.

A plant based diet is the healthiest diet for dynamic, energetic, slim, tough and resilient humans. For an extra edge to that, make sure it is certified organic or organically home growth. Many of the pesticides and herbicides used in commercial farming inhibit our uptake of essential nutrients. For example, the common and global use of glyphosate (an ingredient in roundup) prevents uptake of cobalt (leading to vitamin B12 deficient) and manganese (essential for many body processes).

Ditch your western diet for a healthier option and watch the weight fall off and your health problems disappear.


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