madeleine innocentI first came across homeopathy because one of my cats suffered bad eczema. Over several years, my vet tried various different drugs, and although the eczema improved under one of them, it came with a serious side effect. A normally placid and happy cat, she became angry and aggressive.

So I stopped all treatment, feeling the eczema bothered me more that it did her.

Talking about it to a new friend one day, she suggested I tried homeopathy. Not knowing anything about it, but willing to try, I contacted the homeopathic vet she suggested. He supplied me with the treatment. Within a week, the eczema had vanished. And there were no side effects! And it didn’t return!

This was George MacCleod, the well known UK vet who used homoeopathy exclusively after he discovered the benefits it gave to his own health. He was happy to replace the veterinary side with a much more effective modality of health care.

The treatment was little short of astounding in its complete effectiveness, the speed and the total lack of side effects. I didn’t even know there was such a health care system available.

Later on in my life, I decided to study homoeopathy, really to treat myself and my family. As I got into it however, I thought I just can’t keep this to myself. I must offer this to others. And so I became a professional homoeopath.

I offer you access to this astoundingly effective, rapid and totally safe method of healing.

What Modality of Health Care Does Your Practitioner Use?

One of the first questions I feel everyone should ask their preferred health practitioner is, “What modality of health care do you use?”

It’s very interesting to get the real answers. For example, there is a homoeopath in London who treats, almost exclusively, medical doctors.

Now why would you trust the treatment from any of those doctors, who have no personal faith in their modality for themselves?

Many medical doctors don’t vaccinate their own children.

Have you ever asked your doctor that question? If they said they didn’t, would you ask why not?

Is it one rule for us and one rule for them?

I rarely use any other modality for my family and haven’t done so for myself since I was studying homeopathy. It’s not because I was the healthiest person alive, either. Actually I have quite a loaded family history. By that I mean my parents and grandparents had quite serious degenerative diseases.

The reason I am in good health now, apart from diet and lifestyle, is that I treat every problem that arises, homoeopathically. I treat myself for the acute conditions, but I seek the services of a professional homoeopath for my deeper, chronic conditions. Even homoeopaths don’t treat themselves at this deep level!

Homoeopathic Home Prescribing

For me, independence is important.

Ever since I qualified, I have always taught homoeopathic home prescribing, locally. However, now with the incredible ability to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, I have grown that aspect into worldwide homoeopathic home prescribing coaching, or coaching on-line.

Learning how to use the common remedies at home can give you an enormous scope to treat the more minor (and not so minor) problems that happen to every family – injuries, bites, burns, food poisoning, shock, colds, flu, headaches, period pain, abscesses, cramps, strains, sprains, hangovers, bleeding and much more.

Imagine the freedom this gives you, when you successfully treat a child sobbing from pain, in the middle of the night?

Or when you treat yourself on the spot, after an accident and are suffering from shock and physical trauma?

Of course, there are many situations when you need the services of a practitioner, as you won’t have the knowledge required.

But isn’t it great that there are the two different approaches to homeopathic treatment?

So my aim is to show you how homeopathy can help you.

I truly believe that homeopathy can cure every ailment. However, I also believe that not every person (or animal) can be cured homoeopathically. There are a number of reasons for this, the most obvious being that we are all mortal, so will die one day. But there’s more to it. One man told me “If you cure my back, I won’t be able to claim worker’s compensation.”

So it’s a choice. He preferred to keep his worker’s comp. I prefer to have good health.

It does need a shift in thinking though, to get your head around the concept of homoeopathy. It’s like getting to learn how to use the internet, It doesn’t come easily if you’ve not been brought up on it. There’s lots of jargon, weird language that means nothing to you initially, seemingly complicated processes, until you know how, and so forth.

My Credentials

I trained as a homoeopath with the Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy in Victoria, Australia and graduated with a Diploma in Homoeopathy in 2000. This was the highest level of training at the time, although now the colleges offer a degree.

I have been in full time practice ever since, as a consultant homoeopath, and treat both people and animals. I also teach homeopathy.

AHAI am a professional member of the Australian Register of Homoeopaths and the Australian Homoeopathic Association. I have been active on the committee of the Western Australian branch of the Australian Homoeopathic Association, being the secretary for many years and the president until 2010.

AROHI invite you to join me on a journey, where I will explain everything you need to know, in simple language, in a step-by-step process. Believe me, it’s worth the time and effort. Sign up for my weekly newsletters on the form in the top right hand corner of this blog..

Madeleine Innocent DHom