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Magnesium is essential to good health, which is critical for a trim body. Magnesium supplements are mostly a waste of money and can even be harmful. The best way to get this important mineral is to eat magnesium rich foods.

But first let’s explore why magnesium is so important.

Most people are aware of the importance of calcium in their diet for strong bones. However, magnesium is probably more essential, not only for strong bones, but also for healthy soft tissue. It helps keep your heart healthy. It helps prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and much more. It helps prevent cramping.

Migraines, premenstrual problems, constipation and insomnia can all be a result of insufficient magnesium in the diet.

It is estimated that 90% of people are deficient in this vital mineral. Because most of it is found in living cells, blood tests tend to be highly inaccurate.

So why not a common supplement? In essence, it is impossible to separate nutrients from each other. They are all co-dependent on each other for your body to digest and then utilise them. You cannot take a isolated supplement that is made in a laboratory and expect your body to know what to do with it.

Yet, this is exactly what most supplements are. Synthetic, isolated. Useless. Maybe worse than useless.

At best, they will pass straight though. At worst they may hang up in parts of the body they have no business to be, causing mischief. Your doctor (and some natural therapists) will never suspect that your supplement is the cause, because they are not trained to look for causes.

Having established that magnesium is essential to a healthy body, where can you obtain it from, if not common supplements?

The answer is in magnesium rich foods grown in soil that is nurtured, on a sustainable farm.

If you eat the right foods, not only will you gain all your essential minerals, so too will you get all your essential vitamins and other nutrients.

But that isn’t the end of the story. Agriculture has become highly mechanised and dominated by corporations. Profit has become the main focus. Caring for the land is no longer considered. So the soil has become badly depleted in many essential nutrients.

This means that you may not be getting the nutrients even from the right food, if it is not organically grown.

The main magnesium rich foods are nuts (especially brazil and almonds but most contain high levels), seeds (especially pumpkin, but even flour from seeds such as quinoa and buckwheat), green leafy vegetables and blue green algae.

By consuming a lot of magnesium rich foods from farms who nurture their soil, not only can you become much more healthy, with many problems quietly slipping away, you can lose excess weight easily, and perhaps more importantly, keep it off.

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Madeleine Innocent
Madeleine Innocent

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